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♥ Rino ♥

Rino is Japanese Singer and Song Writer.

I live in Japan now.

Sometimes I go to New York.

I started making songs when I was a child.
I made my very first song when I was 9 years old.
It was with my friend.
We got together and I made the melody while she made the lyrics.
This made the song special.

Music is my passion and life.

I made 3 albums.
Now they're only sold in stores in Japan.

And Sells my cds during my live concerts.

 First mini album is entitled
(I am Good - You Are Just One Gift).

♥♥  Second mini album is
"花のように" (Like a Flower).

♥♥♥ Third mini album is
"9日間でワタシを殺して" (Kill me in 9 days).

I hope that listening to my songs
will help you forget your problems and make you happy♥

♥ Rino's logo mark ♥

The "R" looks like a girl with her arms
stretched out to form a heart.

This means that everybody can be OK on their own.

They can do anything that they want
and be anything that they want.

Be free to dream.
The natural you is already great.
You just need to believe in yourself.

This is what the logo means and I hope you like it.